Spotlight@Shea: Colin Lee on All Things Outreach

4 min readNov 2, 2022
Colin Lee (MCAS ’23) — outreach lead

Hey everyone, my name is Colin and I’m a senior studying computer science. I joined the Shea board 2022 spring and currently lead the outreach team.

I’ve had an interest in tech and entrepreneurship for a long time. Growing up, I watched the Apple keynote event every fall and spring. I was always fascinated with the way they developed such well designed and user focused products, and each year they didn’t disappoint. While Apple wasn’t the first to adopt a new technology, they were usually the best. It was this interest in innovation that led me to the world of startups and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs see a problem in the world and work creatively to solve it. They are often not motivated by anything else but a strong conviction and vision, and I find that very inspiring. I’ve always wanted to surround myself with others who shared a similar mindset, and this led me to join Start@Shea.

Chris Carrabes (CSOM ’25) and I having a great time at our Solstice conference this fall.

The Shea community is full of creative, driven, and kind individuals, and I am so glad to play a part in building this family at Boston College. The outreach team works hard to plan events and form partnerships with people and organizations in and out of BC. A new initiative we started last academic year is Sessions@Shea, where we host interactive workshops helping students to acquire knowledge/skills across many different areas. We also started a Shea alumni newsletter to keep our alums up to date as well as provide opportunities for them to get involved and help the next generation of Shea.

A scene from one of our Sessions@Shea workshops last spring.

So far, the highlight of my time at Shea has definitely been the Solstice Conference. It all started with an idea last spring to host an event that would establish Boston College as a home for entrepreneurs. After months of meetings and planning with the team, we successfully hosted panels, workshops, and an ideathon for students, alumni, and working professionals. It was so rewarding to see the event come together and most importantly, all the students who got a ton out of it. The conference represents everything we aim to achieve at the Shea Center, which is making ideas happen and integrating entrepreneurial thinking into the undergraduate experience at Boston College. I have high hopes for the future of entrepreneurship at BC and I look forward to its growth over the years!

Here I am with Chloe Chen (CSOM ’24) hosting Solstice’s ideathon.

I would encourage anywho who is remotely interested in technology, entrepreneurship, or just thinking about cool ideas to get involved whether that is attending the Shea Center talks or participating in one of our events. We are also accepting board applications until Friday (11/4)! I encourage everyone to apply and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Always plenty of smiles and great times to have at Shea. Thanks so much for reading!

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The Author: Executive Team Member — Colin Lee (MCAS ‘23)




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