Spotlight@Shea: Sophia Cassidy on Life at Shea and Where it can Lead

3 min readOct 17, 2022
Myself, Sophia Cassidy CSOM ‘23

Hi, I’m Sophia Cassidy and I’m a part of the Start@Shea executive team! I’ve been on the board since my freshman year. I joined way back in 2019 when Start@Shea still worked out of a small room in Carney, and I’ve so been lucky to be involved with Shea as it has grown over the last few years.

I’ve always been inspired by cool ideas, creativity, and challenging the status quo. Being a part of the Shea Center has given me the opportunity to surround myself with creative, energetic people and explore how to be an entrepreneur — both in a business sense and in my own personal life. At Shea, we talk a lot about the entrepreneur’s mindset and credit it to traits such as taking initiative and responsibility, as well as acting with self-awareness. Not only are these values extremely important to me, but I’m so proud to be part of a group that emphasizes them as well.

Maggie Yan (CSOM ’22), Alina Yan (CSOM ’23), myself, and Alex Park (MCAS ’24) at the end of Demo Day 2022 beyond proud of what we put on. AP was not easy to carry but we pulled it off!

Running Accelerate@Shea has been one of my favorite Shea Center experiences throughout my time at BC. I get so much energy from working with founders, learning about their ideas, and helping them execute their goals. I also run Start@Shea’s Elevator Pitch Competition, which has been a great way to discover the new start-up ideas emerging on campus.

This past year, I’ve explored my interest in startups and VC by joining the SSC Venture Studio, externing with Battery Ventures, and interning with a group of Boston-based angel investors. I’m grateful that Shea helped me discover the world of entrepreneurship, tech, and venture capital, all while providing a supportive space to do so.

Alina Yan (CSOM ’23) and I getting into some signature Shea Room Shea-nanigans caught on camera

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