Student Resources During COVID-19

Start@Shea Resources

Apply to the Strakosch Venture Competition

Demo Day

Zoom with an Entrepreneur

  • 4/17 @2pm: Niraj Shah (Co-Founder & CEO, Wayfair): RSVP HERE
  • 4/22 @3pm: Johnny Ayers (Co-Founder & SVP, Socure): RSVP HERE
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Start@Shea Website

Start@Shea Slack

Women Innovators Network (WIN): Female Founders Series

  • 4/15 @6pm: Katie Diasti (Founder & CEO, Viv for your V): RSVP HERE
  • 4/22 @6pm: Suzanne Norris (Co-Founder, Victress Capital): RSVP HERE

Boston College Career Resources

Eagle Intern Fellowship

Eagle Exchange

Redefine Your Summer

Internship and Job Opportunities


Y Combinator Companies Hiring Interns



Finding a Mentor



Staying Healthy & Active

Peloton App


New York Times 6 Minute Workout and 7 Minute Workout

CorePower Yoga


Nike Run Club

Connect with Friends Remotely

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The Author: Executive Team Member — Jenna Steichen ‘21



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