Boston College’s Shea Center for Entrepreneurship presents its annual startup Demo Day

The Boston College Shea Center for Entrepreneurship is so excited to present another Demo Day featuring 11 incredible student-founded startups who have worked incredibly hard through our 9-week accelerator program, Accelerate@Shea. We are so proud of each and every one of them and invite you to reach and connect with any and all founders you are interested in speaking with! You can find all the teams best contacts below as well as info on the amazing team behind making Demo Day possible.

Looking to be more involved with the Shea Center? Please reach out to We look forward to…

A Virtual Career Fair During Boston College’s “Spring Break”


Spring Break, or meeting the amazing employees of 40+ startups and tech companies from around the country? I don’t know about you, but this year we seemed to get the best of both worlds! The Start@Shea Executive Board put on an incredible virtual fair this year, led by Nimsu Ng ’22, Felicia Chen ’21, Maggie Yan ’22, and Alex Poole ’23. The team set up a five day fair that had 40+ companies spanning from tech and software to food and beverage to retail and healthcare. …

Spring 2020 Ambassador Workshop dedicated to failure and rejection

As a part of the Start@Shea Ambassador program, all ambassadors get to sit in on workshops that teach them about the essential skills of entrepreneurship. One workshop last year was about failure and rejection. Although this is not a skill one needs to be an entrepreneur, it taught all of the ambassadors that failure and rejection are key realities of being an entrepreneur.

The workshop, led by Maggie Yan (CSOM ‘22), was brilliantly designed to show both other students’ rejection and share some of our own. At the end of the…

Start@Shea hosted its first annual case competition with Drizly!

This Fall, the Start@Shea center was lucky enough to partner with Drizly to host the first ever Start@Shea Case Competition in which six finalist teams of Boston College students across all grades competed to solve an issue Drizly was facing.

The prompt that Drizly provided us with is a real case the company is currently facing and allowed students to become consultants presenting a viable solution to the company. In the first round, Contestants were to submit a two page executive summary of their solution. …

We may have gone virtual, but that doesn’t stop our annual EPC!

This Fall, the Shea Center for Entrepreneurship Elevator Pitch Competition had an awesome turnout, with 25 participants across all grades and schools. 10 of the teams made it to the final round which included a 60 second pitch of their company plus a Q&A session with the judges. The judges were Dean Amy LaCombe ’90 from Boston College’s Carroll School of Management, Ivan Alo ’12, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of New Age Capital, LaDante McMillion ’12, also a Managing Partner at New Age Capital, Cory Munchbach ’09 , CEO of BlueConic, and finally, Joe Popolo ’89, CEO of Charles and…

Learn more about Start@Shea’s executive team for the 2020–2021 academic year.

The 2020–2021 Start@Shea E-Board

We are the student executive team of the Edmund H. Shea Jr. Center for Entrepreneurship at Boston College that inspires and engages students to make their ideas happen.

Class of 2021

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A workshop featuring Shea Center’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Dunca Walker, held via Zoom as halfway through the program, Boston College sent all of its students home out of precaution due to COVID-19.


In the winter, we run a comprehensive 9-week accelerator for BC startups to help them develop their business ideas. Weekly workshops featuring accomplished startup founders teach teams a wide variety of topics from need-finding to design thinking to fundraising. A $1,500 check is given to each team to help them overcome their first financial barriers, and accelerator teams are also matched weekly with Start@Shea’s wide network of mentors.

Demo Day 2020

This year’s Demo Day featured 11 companies with 11 amazing ideas. Due to COVID-19, Demo Day was moved to a live-stream on our Youtube page. The event was open to everyone —…

Resources | Internships | Mentors | Staying Active | Game Ideas

We hope you’re all doing well and staying healthy during these challenging times. All of us have had to find new ways of working, learning, and sharing space while sheltering in place to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Every day is bringing new challenges, but also opportunities to help others, learn new skills, and adapt to a more virtual life. We have compiled some resources below that we hope you find interesting and helpful!

Start@Shea Resources

Continue to build your network and participate in programming designed to help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Apply to the Strakosch Venture Competition

Looking to bring your startup to the next…

Meet Drizly: Liquor, Quicker

Drizly has grown immensely the past couple of years!

As any successful entrepreneurs do, Drizly co-founders and Boston College alumni Nick Rellas, Spencer Frazier, and Justin Robinson identified a problem to solve through starting their own business: why was almost anything available through an app, except for beer? They realized the entire alcohol business had not evolved much since Prohibition ended in 1933, so their goal was to figure out a way to integrate technology into the industry.

The company was founded in July of 2012 by Boston College alumni, and since then has raised over $69 million in venture funding and has expanded to serving over 180 markets…

Meet Jebbit: From Online Advertising To Being the World’s Leading Declared Data Platform

Co-founders of Jebbit in a #GassonGram, from left to right, Jeb Thomas, Thomas Coburn, and Chase McAleese.

Founded by former Boston College students Tom Coburn, Jonathan Lacoste, and Chase McAleese, Jebbit has grown from a student startup founded on Boston College’s campus to the world’s leading Declared Data Platform.

In 2010, Coburn and his then freshman Shaw House roommate, Jeb Thomas, decided to work on an idea for the Boston College Venture Competition (BCVC) and it’s $10,000 first-place prize after Thomas introduced BCVC to Coburn. The competition has since been renamed Strakosch Venture Competition and has become a program under the Shea Center for Entrepreneurship, with increased prize money as well. During his sophomore year, Coburn came…


Start@Shea is the student executive team of the Edmund H. Shea Jr. Center for Entrepreneurship at Boston College. Learn more at

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